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Solarflare Capture SolarSystem and Velocimetrics Integrate Solutions,
Offering Real-Time Management and Analysis of Trading Activities

High volume trading firms leverage combined solution to manage emerging risks,
perform business and technical level analysis and satisfy regulatory commitments
with a fully integrated, cost-effective and controlled approach

IRVINE, CA—October 20, 2015—Solarflare, the leader in application-intelligent 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet (10/40GbE) software and hardware technology, announced today that it is working in concert with leading business flow performance analytics firm, Velocimetrics, to jointly offer a distributed and completely customizable, real-time, end-to-end capture and analysis solution to trading firms worldwide.

The combination of Solarflare's Capture SolarSystem™ – an open, flexible, high-performance persisted Ethernet capture platform – and Velocimetrics' industry-leading analytics enable orders and trades to be tracked as they move across complex business critical processes, providing detailed, live analysis and real-time issue alerting. The result: emerging problems can be instantly detected and their root cause rapidly understood and acted upon.

Lowering the cost of packet capture and empowering users to build customized solutions, Capture SolarSystem presents a cost effective and controlled approach to reliably capturing high volumes of raw packets to disk at potentially hundreds of different points across global trading systems. Capture SolarSystem then streams packets live to Velocimetrics, which provides real-time network and business content analysis and alerting. With this approach, capital market participants can comprehensively examine trading data from a business and technical perspective at the locations that matter most to their firm.

Capture SolarSystem can be utilized as a standalone capture solution, capturing and saving data for later retrieval and analysis, as a platform that assists in-house applications consuming data in parallel with packet analysis or decoding, or as the provider of local, real-time capture streams to third-party applications.

Offering hardware time stamping of every packet via Solarflare's server I/O adapters, Capture SolarSystem can be deployed on qualified off-the-shelf server hardware, providing a solution that captures packets in real time and writes them to disk for post-capture analysis.

Velocimetrics' technology is able to reliably consume network packets from Capture SolarSystem and trace the precise path being taken by orders and trades moving through complicated business processes. By performing individual trade and statistical analysis at every stage, users benefit from a real-time understanding of exactly what is happening, as it is happening across their trading environment. By raising real-time alerts, the instant unexpected behavior is detected, a threshold is reached or a client SLA is in a danger of being breached, users are immediately notified of emerging performance, operational risk, customer experience or regulatory concerns.

"Solarflare's turnkey, real-time, distributed capture technology is proving to be attractive for many financial companies looking for a more financially viable and customizable solution for large scale deployments", said Paul Spencer, COO at Velocimetrics. "Capture SolarSystem is a comprehensive capture solution that can now be fully integrated with both TipOff and Velocimetrics, providing the ideal complement to our advanced network, middleware, market data and business-level analytics."

"We view packet capture as the fundamental technology that provides not only for network monitoring and analysis, but also for the first step of most all network security workflows", said Russell Stern, President and CEO of Solarflare. "We are excited to be working in conjunction with Velocimetrics to offer trading firms new levels of visibility into network performance to increase efficiencies, measure performance against client SLAs and satisfy emerging regulatory commitments."

About Solarflare

Solarflare is the leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O software and hardware that accelerate, monitor and secure network data. With over 1,400 customers worldwide, the company's solutions are widely used in scale-out server environments such as electronic trading, high performance computing, content delivery, cloud, virtualization and big data. Solarflare’s products are available from leading distributors and value-added resellers, as well as from Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo. Solarflare is headquartered in Irvine, California, and operates R&D facilities in Cambridge, UK, New Delhi, India and San Diego, USA.

About Velocimetrics

Velocimetrics sets a new benchmark for operational oversight, delivering uncompromised end-to-end visibility across complex environments, accompanied by performance improving analytics.

Its full-spectrum product suite including TipOff, Velocimetrics and Application Tap enables emerging problems to be instantly detected and their root-cause rapidly understood from both a business and technical perspective. This significantly reduces an issue’s potential impact, whilst also identifying opportunities for on-going performance improvements. Providing asset class agnostic, highly customisable, agile, open and globally scalable solutions, Velocimetrics prioritizes flexibility so it can build the solution that will effectively meet your firm’s specific requirements.

Formed in 2009, Velocimetrics’ world-class financial services expertise continues to attract a growing global client base. Its sophisticated solutions deliver the level of transparency required to instill confidence and its innovative approach demonstrates the future potential for business flow monitoring and performance analysis tools.

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